Since Iā€™m always flashed by new music and new projects, there is now an occasional post in which I introduce some exciting projects.

First up is NiKa KERNER with her intriguing blend of ethereal vocals and a solid framework of melodic/hypnotic to hard techno. So spread a little love and support them.

NiKa KERNER – Mirror mirror

Here is the NiKa KERNER Story:

NiKa KERNER are Nico and Katja – the best team since 2003!
Nico is responsible for the beat, Katja for the vocals and melody – together they arrange and mix their tracks.

The project started at the end of 2019 with the purchase of FL Studio – since then Nico spends almost all his time in front of the PC. Katja then joined in 2020 because she gets involved in all the music projects happening around her. So far, the project has had no negative impact on their marriage šŸ™‚

Nico likes the heavier style and Katja is into ethereal vocals and melodies, which makes for an exciting and very unique mix.
Their musical backgrounds are similarly colourful – Nico has been a bass player in various punk and rock bands, while Katja is a musical jack-of-all-trades who sings and plays harp in an eclectic mix of rock and folk bands.
Techno has always been the preferred “party music” for both of them and is where they meet musically.

Check out NiKa KERNER: